Up before dawn and driven to get our run in this morning, we left the house around 6 am. The
September 18th, 2018 will be a day I’ll remember for at least a few days. Placing my order like I
I don’t get how you did that? This is delicious, how did you make it? What did you do to
Two Races, Different Perspectives Race day was here and Cindy, my bride of 26 years, was about to run her
Over the past thirty some odd years I have joined a number of gyms with the intent of getting healthy
“What should we do for dinner” were the words that started the whole thing. After a long workweek, Friday was
Months of training with just weeks to go, you’ve been pushing hard. Through cold winter days, getting up at the
It was a cold December morning in Dallas yet one we had been anticipating for months. Downtown streets were filled
Run from, run to, run with, run for, run against, run because, run, run run. I was speaking with a
As a kid, I remember how important it was to pick out just the right pair of shoes. It would