Reasons We Run

Run from, run to, run with, run for, run against, run because, run, run run.

I was speaking with a good friend the other day about our morning run. We both had decent runs that day; mine coving seven miles and his coving twenty-two. We soon got onto the topic of why we run and that got me pondering this topic the rest of the day.

When I consider why I initially started running I realize that reason has changed over time. I initially started as a form of weight loss. Soon I was preparing for my first 5k and learned that there was much more to running than simply burning calories, I loved it for the mental part of exercise. My mind just felt clearer after a run and I really enjoyed the people I was getting to meet along the way. As my runs increased and my distances got longer, I found running provided goals for me to accomplish such as completing my first half-marathon in 2013. Then there was the adventurous side of running. Anyone who knows me knows I love adventure. Over the many decades of my life, my adventurous spirit has lead me to backpacking, BMX racing, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and running. I love the adventure of running, seeing new places, exploring all sorts of things while moving along at a steady pace. I was recently introduced to trail running and found my first trail run leading me through thirteen miles of beautiful Northern California wilderness.

So why do you run?

Are you driven to beat your previous time, always pushing the boundaries of personal records? Maybe you’re trying to see just how far your body will take you under its own power. I’m still amazed at the distances people are capable of running. Many run for a cause, turning their running ability into a challenge to raise awareness for those afflicted with life-threatening illnesses. Some run from something in their life, stress, a hectic home life or the realities of a dead end job. There are those that run to something; to fitness, to a better body, to a personal goal. Many run with something; with a group, with a program, with a spouse.

As runners, it’s important to come to an understanding that people run for many reasons yet we are still runners. Runners have a way of cheering on the guy completing his first full mile in the same way they celebrate the individual who just completed their first full marathon. I love this about the running community, it seems to break down many barriers in our culture because we all started the same way, we began to run.

So what’s your story, why do you run?

Why do I run?

  • I run to train for races
  • I run for the challenge
  • I run to be part of a team
  • I run to get medals
  • I run to collect t-shirts
  • I run for the fashionable clothing
  • I run for fun
  • I run to drink beer
  • I run so I can eat more
  • I run to be out in nature
  • I run to experience the seasons
  • I run because I can do it anywhere
  • I run to experience theme parks differently
  • I run to stay fit
  • I run to live longer
  • I run to lose weight
  • I run to sleep better
  • I run to feel young again
  • I run to for a healthy heart
  • I run to improve my mind
  • I run to improve my memory
  • I run because my doctor told me to
  • I run to exercise the dog
  • I run to keep a clear mind
  • I run to commune with God
  • I run to for perspective in life
  • I run to forget the cares of the day
  • I run to for personal space and time
  • I run to listen to music
  • I run to blow off steam
  • I run to listen to audiobooks
  • I run to ponder the day ahead
  • I run to escape troubles in life
  • I run for my family
  • I run to find romance
  • I run to bring sexy back
  • I run for the social aspects
  • I run to meet my significant other
  • I run for the adventure
  • I run for the runners high
  • I run to travel to new places
  • I run to improve my self-esteem
  • I run to prove to others I am all that
  • I run because someone said I couldn’t

Have you shared this with your fellow runners, why you show up week after week putting in the miles? Maybe it’s a good thing to be able to share that story? You may find you’re not alone in your unique perspective as a runner.

I’d love to hear your story.

See you on the trail,