Reasons We Run

Run from, run to, run with, run for, run against, run because, run, run run. I was speaking with a good friend the other day about our morning run. We both had decent runs that day; mine coving seven miles and his coving twenty-two. We soon got onto the topic of why we run and … Read more

One Sock Runner

It was a cold December morning in Dallas yet one we had been anticipating for months. Downtown streets were filled with cars, inching their way, hoping to find a parking spot. The 2015 Dallas Marathon was less than an hour from starting time and my wife Cindy along with thousands of other runners were making … Read more

Dinner With The Old Man

“What should we do for dinner” were the words that started the whole thing. After a long workweek, Friday was finally here and it just seemed fitting to go out for a nice meal. My daughter wanted Mexican food, my wife craved Italian but I was the driver and after changing our minds a half … Read more

Do the Thing You Love

Over the past thirty some odd years I have joined a number of gyms with the intent of getting healthy and staying fit. The results have become so predictable, it’s kind of funny that I would expect things to be different each time. It goes something like this: Find a hip and popular gym. Hear … Read more

Rescue or Road Kill

Up before dawn and driven to get our run in this morning, we left the house around 6 am. The beautiful route took us down Lewisburg Pike, following the Harpeth River. Tennessee farms with cattle, horses and wild turkey’s had almost become commonplace but not so much as the rising sun caused us to stop … Read more